Winning Colours Art Project

Online Art & Wellbeing Course for Newham Children & Young People Age 8 to 14 years – 2012 Olympics 10 Year Anniversary Activities

  • All materials provided
  • Three online sessions
  • Submit pictures of your final work to be included in our online gallery
  • Opportunity to win prizes!

Session One – The Colour Gold

Achieve a positive mind-set with a winning attitude guides us to success. Striving to win, devoting serious energy and time to achieving goals can help us fulfil dreams. When we challenge ourselves to keep pushing forward with focus and drive to reach goals we always win. 

A medal is a winners treat sometimes awarded at the end of an accomplishment. We will take inspiration from past Olympic medal designs to create a Winners Medal in Gold using a metal embossing technique

Session Two – The Colour Silver:

Teams when we connect, adapt, work together and support each other we can achieve great things. Silver is a soft metal but is the best for conducting electricity and when it is bonded with other metals it becomes hard making it useful for so much more. Silver can easily be made into another shape and pulled into long wires, this is because, Silver is adaptable just what you need as a successful team member, working together to form strong bonds to achieve greatness. 

We will take inspiration from sporting Olympic hero’s to create a figurative sculpture from Silver metal foil and wires.

Session Three – The Colour Bronze:

Strategy and Success our brains can change, we can train our brains and we can change our lives.

Processing, remembering, concentrating and coming up with plans are all healthy brain functions. Oxygen, water and even some foods can dramatically enhance your brain, improve your memory and change your mood. Using this enhanced brain function you can devise successful strategies in competitions improve your thinking and performance to showcase the best of you.

We will take our inspiration from the Olympic Games to create a competitive strategy game for families to play.

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